Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin

Internationally awarded group renews flamenco boldly. Roni Martin's music is based on flamenco form but it is enriched by funk and Balkan music.

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Internationally awarded Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin is an independent dance & music group, which was formed in 2002. Kaari and Roni Martin have created a recognisable, unique artistic style and are responsible for the composition of the works, all the way from composing the music and choreography to performing the pieces. They have created dozens of works, which range from solo performances to large productions, and most of them include a live orchestra.

Roni Martin's music exposes the versatility of him as a composer – while the songs are based on flamenco's music forms and language, the end result gets enriched by the influence of funk and Balkan music. The company, which consists of artists from a number of cultures and nationalities, also aims to make difference visible and to promote tolerance.

The Martins' mission is to create high-quality art and produce cross-artistic works and concepts, often with a self-ironic angle, and to have their works shown at as different venues as possible, executed by independent artists. The Martins' have received many awards in Finland and Spain.


participating in

  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015


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