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The Music Umbrella International Consulting

35 Year old, international licensing, music publishing, marketing and career and small company guidance. Based in LA, Cali, we love music everyday

Pooka Print

POOKA PRINT is a full service artist management company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Triloka Records

Triloka Records journey. explore. transcend. Triloka offers the best in world fusion featuring releases from Les Nubians present Echos,...

Free Radical Productions

Consulting, curating, and reporting on the most exciting new sounds in international music.

Latitude 45 Arts

Building bridges between creators and audiences, Latitude 45 Arts Promotion is a Montreal-based booking agency and management company.

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Times Music

Times Music A division of The Times Of India Group, India's largest media conglomerate. The Times Group has wide interests in...


Hello! from a live music venue in Koenji, Tokyo.

Echoes In The Valley

We are a world music festival with a statement. We ensure that Nepali traditional music is appreciated, in old and new forms, in Nepal and beyond.

Teamwork Productions

Teamwork is a highly versatile entertainment company, with roots in the performing arts, social action, and the corporate world.

Rhythm Riders

Rhythm Riders promotes Indian and world music. We produce artists like Talavya (contemporary Indian percussion) and Taan (Indo-world fusion).

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Sunwrae is a presenter, producer, a music chamber group, an independent label and sheet music publisher for the musical works of composer Rae Howell.

Penney And Logan

Penney and Logan are an artist and event management and publicity company with a social media arm which specialises in Facebook mgmt and advertising.

Sona Productions

Events, tours, artist development and PR agency.

Sounds Aotearoa - NZ Music Expo

An annual music expo in New Zealand with a focus on Indigenous NZ music (Maori and Pacific).

Petrol Records International & PISTOL DIGITAL

Petrol Records is an international music co. with offices in SYDNEY, BERLIN, PARIS and LOS ANGELES. Were dedicated to discovering new global sounds..

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This is Africa

This is Africa is a media company promoting and investing in urban African culture via online media, mobile apps and offline events and presentations

Daktari Music

Daktari Music is an independant booking agency for world and jazz music based in France and Brittany. Operating internationally within Europe a

Sound of World / Cultures Conscientes

conscientes cultures , sound of world ,music for your mind , relaxing , connecting , philosophical ...

Label Mektoub

LABEL MEKTOUB is a non profit organization created in 2014 ! Booking / Management / Festivals / CHILDREN SHOWS / TRAD BAL / COMMUNITY SOCIAL PROJECT


Wowakin is a musical triangle. Musicians carry on instrumental-vocal flirt full of passion, improvisation and surprising ideas, based on tradition

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Instituto Cubano de La Música

The Cuban Music Institute is the organization representing the more than 18.000 professional Cuban musicians and the Cuban music industry.

Siegenthaler, Philippe

Absent Papa Events - Concert Promotion Hermoso Ruido - Artist Label

Havaras Musica

Michel Tasky is a singer/musician who has its own music production company called Havaras Musica to promote his work.

Cultura UDG

The University of Guadalajara (UdG) through Cultura UdG optimizes cultural infrastructure conditions, improves and creates cultural and artistic offer

Oniric Mexican Artists

Exclusive mexican artists: RADAID (World music) MEXKLA (Jazz) FANKO (latin funky)

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Breakfast is a new independant production company based in Israel. Devoted to produce, represent and promote creative and performing artists in Israe

AJS Music Company

AJS Music, founded in 1984, is an independent record label company ,specialized in ethnic and traditional music .

NMC Music Ltd

NMC Music is a strongly based music company, known as one of Israel's leading record companies. Enthralled by the mixture of cultures of the...

Arab Orchestra of Nazaerth- Cultur for Peace

The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth presents a variey of classical and contemporary Arab music: A Tribute to Oum Cultum, A Tribute to Fairuz and more

Bint El Funk

Bint El Funk plays ancient songs based upon Jewish singing traditions along our own original material in English, Arabic.

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Open Musik Management

The OPEN MUSIK MANAGEMENT society is located in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). Specialized in events, concerts production, artists management and boo


IMEXSA’s focus is to develop and increase the number of music exporters in South Africa by identifying trade opportunities and assisting companies to


We look forward musical encounters- inSouland - chosen by PROCULTURA . A pure network-labels work together and make a music one stage

Fondation Festival Sur Le Niger

Festival of Music, Dance, Theatre and also Visual Art Expo and Symposium in Ségou Mali.

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