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Lee Thorp Entertainment

Started in South Africa in 1976 with main interests in Cape Music, the company moved its base to Hamburg, Germany. World Music, Jazz and Blues.

LMD Productions

Artist manager and tour manager based in France.

Folk Alliance International

Folk Alliance International is an arts non-profit founded in 1989 to connect folk music leaders aiming to sustain the community and genre worldwide.

Earth Agency

Earth Music Agency is a dynamic and busy music booking agency, representing a curated roster of talent from diverse musical backgrounds.

Triple Earth

Slightly crazed but completely friendly independent record label (with non-conditional production duties) and consultant. Been around for a bit ...

Strada Music LLP

Strada Music agency; representing some of the biggest names in Folk, Acoustic, Americana & World genres.

Espelho de Cultura

Filipa Cardoso | Matilde Cid | LST Lisboa String Trio | Diogo Picão | Cristina Clara | Ivan Lins | Maria Rita | Marcio Faraco | André Santos

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