Obiní Batá
Obiní Batá


Obiní Batá Presentación
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  • country:Cuba
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Afro-Cuban
  • label:comunaCuba
  • artist posted by:comunaCuba SL

Line up

  • Adonay de Armas Hactor  (percusión, voz, danza)
  • Adriana Iznaga Letamendi  (danza, percusión, voz)
  • Eva Despaigne  (Danza, Percusión, Vocalista)
  • Kalima Ferrer Delgado (danza, percusión, voz)
  • Wendy García (danza, percusión, voz)
  • Yusmelys Mora  (danza, percusión, voz)

Obini Bata is the first group of women in Cuba and probably in the world who play the Bata drums professionally.
Bata Obini Yoruba religion means "Women who play bata drums."
This instrument came to Cuba from Nigeria in the eighteenth century, in the time of the slave trade and for a long time women were forbidden to touch due to religious and cultural beliefs.
This group of women led by Eva Despaigne, one of the founders and director 19 years ago today, are qualified and experienced professionals Cuban percussion instrumentalists.
They dance, sing and in addition to bata drums, play a variety of Cuban percussion instruments in his show: drawers of rumba, conga, chequere, maracas, claves, bells, bongos, guiro with a repertoire of Cuban popular music. Mixed rhythms, songs and dances on a great show identified with their African roots in a clear, melodic and with a definite feminine essence in musical and scenic presentation.