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  • country:Puerto Rico
  • style(s):Latin, Alternative
  • label:Sony Latin Music
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, brass, rock band
  • artist posted by:Conga Booking SL

Line up

  • 11 pieces
  • Andres Cruz (conga-bongoes)
  • Arturo Verjes (trombone)
  • Eduardo Cabra (keyboard-accordeon-vocal-guitar)
  • Frank David Fuentes (timbale)
  • Ileana (vocal)
  • Ismael Cancel (drums)
  • Jonathan Gonzalez (bass)
  • Kervin Barreto (trumpet)
  • Maikel Vistel (saxophone)
  • Mark Rivera (guitar & vocal)
  • Rene  (vocal lead)


CALLE 13 (Puerto Rico)
the most exciting and creative groups to hit the Latin Alternative scene in the last decade

"Calle 13's music [is] revolutionary" Entertainment Weekly

"Calle 13 is much more than a band of musicians: They are poets, comedians, journalists, satirists and political activists...They are fighters, who endure and struggle against the very real horrors of Latin America" - NPR

“With lyrics that put a lot more on the line… MultiViral declares [Rene] Pérez’s commitment to social causes and freewheeling freedom of expression… it also consecrates Calle 13 as a great Latin American rock band.” – Billboard

“Calle 13 is a group that’s networked every which way: technologically, culturally, musically, socially, politically…‘Multi_Viral,’ Calle 13’s fifth album, is the work of a duo reckoning with both its global perspective and its contentious artistic impulses, determined to maintain a rebellious spirit even as maturity looms.” – Sunday New York Times

“Two of the most visible and socially conscious Latin musicians today and an excellent band… few Spanish-language rappers can even come close to frontman René Pérez Joglar's flow. Musically, thanks to his brother Eduardo Cabra (the other half of Calle 13), they concoct a rare combination of songs that are rich in content, and musically appealing… ‘Adentro’ is gorgeous, and one of Calle 13's most revealing songs.” – NPR

“With their fifth disc, frontman Residente and his halfbrother Visitante have made as ambitious a hip-hop album – if that's not too narrow a term – as any in any language. – ROLLING STONE

“FOUR STARS - Puerto Rican hip-hop duo Calle 13 have been blowing up expectations with each successive album, but MultiViral ups the ante. Here the political commentary and the genre-jumping remains in place, but there's a sense of earned artistic freedom throughout the album...” – ALL MUSIC

“An album with several musical gems – it’s a very introspective album in which the band is looking inward at the price of their fame… they’ve inherited the position that troubadors like Ruben Blades, Silvio Rodriguez and Mercedes Sosa used to have.” – NPR Alt. Latino

On MultiViral, the group’s fifth outing, stepbrothers René Pérez (alias Residente) and Eduardo Cabra (Visitante) have succeeded in outdoing themselves yet again. …MultiViral may go down as their most ambitious recording to date… – MTV IGGY

"a frank truth-telling agent provocateur... an invitation for rebellion... world-music adventurousness [and] relentless rabblerousing." New York Daily News

"Kanye West, Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pink, Kid Cudi, Kid Rock, N.E.R.D...but the one new album at the top of our playlist request list is Calle 13's "Entren Los Que Quieran" MTV Tr3s

"Provocative; outrageously irreverent... the most musically adventurous group in Latin hip-hop; maybe in hip-hop; period... Nothing so raw and outrageous has ever been heard in Latin music" Los Angeles Times.

"Visionary... Few urban acts, in any language, match so much ambition to so much fun."- The New York Times

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