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  • artist:CALLE13
  • featured artist:CALLE13
  • release year:2010
  • style(s):Latin, Alternative
  • country:Puerto Rico
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Conga Booking SL
  • label:Sony Latin Music
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CALLE 13 Continues Innovative Video Work For
The Songs Of Forthcoming (November) New Album

After Recently Shocking The Latin Music World With The Controversial Video For “Calma Pueblo” (Watch at http://lacalle13.com), Calle 13 Now Partner With Diego Luna To Direct Follow-up Video For
“Baile de Los Pobres” (Dance of the Poor)
As every fan of Calle 13 knows, Latin Music’s pioneering Urban-Alternative duo has never been afraid of outspoken lyrics that challenge society and pairing their songs with imaginative visuals (courtesy of frontman Residente’s film school background). Already the winners of TWO GRAMMY and TEN LATIN GRAMMY Awards, the pair of Puerto Rican siblings are now raising the bar again, on both fronts, with the advance music from their upcoming new album – set for release in October.

In recent weeks, millions of fans caused the Calle 13 website to suffer repeated crashes after the group refused to wait for the completion of a broadcast friendly version of their just completed video for “Calma Pueblo”, and instead leaked the completely uncensored version- which quickly went viral.
With the undertone of heavy rock guitar courtesy of a collaboration with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Mars Volta, the song finds Residente furthering his role as a messenger for the people, while directly challenging power-wielding entities such as their own label, corporate sponsors, government authority and even the Vatican. The epic video goes even further, and finds a bomb/microphone laden Residente rally corporate workers to literally strip away bondage and take to the streets in an insurgency against conformity. (www.lacalle13.com )

Now, Calle 13 is already preparing another visual tale for new music, as the group has partnered with Diego Luna to direct the video for “Baile de Los Pobres” (Dance of the Poor). A tale of romantic pursuit through a Latin American city, “Baile de Los Pobres” will detail one young man’s robin hood- like quest to make his privileged true-love understand that the dance of the poor means a life of sweat and toil instead of perfume, of travel by foot instead of chauffeured cars, of canned food instead of steak… but also questioning where real happiness can be found.

Commenting about working with Calle 13, Diego Luna has said: “I love the honesty in which they live in. I believe you find it in their music, it’s something that isn’t always visible, especially in an industry that suffers so much and that is constantly looking for a new way to sell. There needs to be more music like that of Calle 13” (Translated from MTV report: http://blogamole.tr3s.com/2010/08/27/desde-mxico-diego-luna-directs-calle-13s-baile-de-los-pobres/ )
Look for “Baile de Los Pobres” to premiere in September, with the highly anticipated new Calle 13 album to follow in november .