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CALLE13 (Puerto Rico Libre)
LATINOAMERICA The land is not for sale. Let live América!
Once again Calle 13 provokes viewers to make a halt and listen to the powerful message of a song that has become the sole voice of a whole continent: Latinoamérica. Introduced by a voice speaking in Quechua (a Native South American dialect) the audience is taken on a journey through steep hills and the simpleness of small villages, showing us the inner soul and greatness of a continent for some forgotten.
Latinoamérica presents powerful vignettes of faces and landscapes in locations such as portraying a variety of cultures that blend as a whole in one nation. The video, directed by Jorge Carmona and Milovan Radovic ,was filmed in different locations including Perú, Bogotá and Puerto Rico, and is a production of Patria Producciones, Alejandro Noriega and Calle 13.
Through a fusion of native rhythms, unique lyrical-musical language and a sequence of pictorial stories, Latinoamérica paints the quotidianity of everyday lives. It lets the audience look and listen to the heartbeat of a continent, while unveiling their throes incessant quest for revolutionary social changes.
The theme depicts the history of a continent and its courage. “It is the most important song we have done, documenting what we were, what we are and what it means to be Latin American. I think that strengthens our identity and helps us to remember and never forget.” says Residente, (René Pérez Joglar) who wrote and interprets the lyrics.
The song is part of Calle 13’s most recent CD, Entren los que quieran, featuring three tradition-stretching guest singers — Susana Baca from Peru, Totó la Momposina from Colombia and María Rita, from Brazil. The theme draws the path to the Bolivarian dream of a unified America and contributes for the rest of the world to acknowledge this Latin American region as the backbone of an extended homeland. “People mistakenly refer to the United States of America as “América” while the truth is that it is a name that belongs not only to them, but also to many other countries”, expressed Residente.
The music was brilliantly orchestrated by his brother, Eduardo Cabra Martínez (also known as Visitante) and produced by Rafael Arcaute and Calle 13. Visitante is also the musical director of the band, comprised by 10 musicians.
Altogether, Latinoamérica is not only a masterpiece in its genre, but has also grown to become an anthem for the residents of the region, and their voice to the rest of the world, shaking the core of a new generation of Latin Americans through a chant of truth and justice: La tierra no se vende. ¡Que viva La América! (The land is not for sale. Let live América!)
Calle 13, who has already won 12 Grammy’s was recently nominated in 10 different categories for the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards, shattering the record for most Latin Grammy Nominations in a Year. The song Latinoamérica was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. (Karen Joglar)

article posted by:Silvia Guevara, Conga Booking SL