VICENTE GARCIA Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic

Vicente Garcia


from the new album A LA MAR
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Vicente Garcia is a Dominican singer, songwriter and musician that combines different music styles such as Bachata, Reggae, Ska and other Latin Rhythms. Since a young age Garcia started to become part of various musical projects that in some way have influenced him to that special sensibility for the Dominican music that characterize him nowadays.

In 2002 he started his professional career as the lead singer of Calor Urbano, a Dominican award winner Funk/Soul band. The band became very important and recognized in the alternative music scene, reaching more than once the top positions on local radio listings with the singles “Calor Urbano” and “Pa Que No Pienses”.

During 2010 he decided to start a solo career and releases his first album called “Melodrama” which started to place him as future talent of the Latin music and one of the most influential artists from the Dominican Republic. This album included songs like “Como Has Logrado” and “Mi Balcón” that are some of the songs preferred by Garcia’s fans.

Three years after the release of “Melodrama“ (Capitol Latin/ EMI) Vicente decides to continue his career as an independent artist. On 2014, he releases his single “Te Soñé” which became viral on Youtube with more than 22 million views. The song was very good welcomed in Colombia reaching the top positions of audience and making Garcia reappear to the international music scene.

On 2015 he releases the second single as independent artist called “Entre Luca y Juan Mejía” and then he started to record his second album “A la Mar” with the recognized music producer Eduardo Cabra “Visitante” of the portorican band Calle 13.

On 2016 García signed with Sony Music Colombia and released his most recent production called “A la Mar” which includes “Carmesí”, the powerful first single which is about to reach 3 million views on its official video in YouTube. “A la Mar” combines African and Caribbean rhythms with Latin genres like Bachata, Reggae, Pri-pri and Gagá.

In March 2017, Vicente releases his new single called “Dulcito e Coco” and also hits the road with A la Mar Tour, visiting cities like Bogota, Barranquilla, Santo Domingo, Lima, Madrid, Barcelona, Medellin, Cartagena, Tunja, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, San Juan, New York, and many others.

 Discography:

– Melodrama (2011)

01. Mi Balcón
02. Poquito A Poquito (feat. Ximena Sariñana)
03. Como Has Logrado
04. Yo Robo
05. Indiferencia
06. Dos Y Siete
07. Bai Bai Bonita
08. Mientras Cae La Noche
09. Agualluvia
10. Caramelo
11. Mi Balcón (feat. Cultura Profética)

– A La Mar (2016)

01. A La Mar
02. Dulcito e Coco
03. Carmesí
04. Espuma y Arrecife (feat. Gaiteros de San Jacinto)
05. Pa Nuevayor
06. Amor Pretao
07. She Prays
08. El Yeyo
09. Mal De Amore
10. Bachata En Kingston
11. Bohío
12. La Paloma
13. La Esquinita
14. Zafra Negra (feat. Grupo de Salve de Mata los Indio)


– Como Has Logrado (2011)
– Mi Balcón (feat. Cultura Profética) (2011)
– Te Soñé (2014)
– Entre Luca y Juan Mejía (2015)
– Carmesí (2016)
– Dulcito e Coco (2017)

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