Line up

  • Braulio Schwienstieger (tuba)
  • DJ Bola Pirata (dj)
  • HECTOR GUERRA (frontman)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Cumbia
    • Tropical Bass
  • label:
  • type:
    Small Ensemble
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
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Bolivian by birth , raised in Spain , citizen of the world , Hector Guerra has made Mexico his country of reference to carry into the world his hip hop lyrics, the cumbia flavor, the hope of reggae , the mysticism of the Andes , the dancehall beat .

Hector Guerra’s is an exciting mix of urban styles like trap , dancehall and electro , seasoned with roots music like cumbia , Balkan , Andean . He is a musician with an original project of songs that turn each show into a musical bomb , 18 ans old,he was apprenticed by Public Enemy `s Dj Lord , whom be accompanied on tour in 2003 on great international festivals in Spain .

"Amor desde el infierno" is an ongoing music work created in mexico . It is made up of three successive records : Amor (2012), Gracias por Existir (2015) y Desde el Infierno (2018)
For this trilogy Hector has heightened his creative and sensitive frequency by living in a becoming part of three Mexican indigenous communities :Purepechas on the Cheran , Michoacan woods, Wirirrakas of the Wirikuta desert of San Luis , Zacatecas,and Comcaac’s in the Sonora desert .

In these towns , through powerful ceremonies and the use of ancestral medicines like Peyote , Sapo de Sonora (Toad of Sonora) has permetead his music with magic and sound more in tune with feeling and living Earth.
As a world musician Hector Guerra has performed in diverse festivals in Mexico, Spain and U.S.A





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feat. Mellow Man Ace, Dr Shenka, Dj Aztek 732


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