CALLE13 release new album Multi_Viral


Digitally Released Around The World This Past Saturday, March 1 - In Conjunction With The First Show of Calle 13's Extensive New Tour, "MultiViral" Has Alredy Jumped In The Top-5 Of The Billboard Latin Album Chart -Even Though Based On Only Three Days of Sales

"With lyrics that put a lot more on the line... MultiViral' declares [Rene] Pérez's commitment to social causes and freewheeling freedom of expression... it also consecrates Calle 13 as a great Latin American rock band."- Billboard

"Calle 13 is a group that's networked every which way: technologically, culturally, musically, socially, politically...'Multi_Viral,' Calle 13's fifth album, is the work of a duo reckoning with both its global perspective and its contentious artistic impulses, determined to maintain a rebellious spirit even as maturity looms. Mr. Pérez described his new lyrics as "more existential" than previous efforts 'I thought, maybe I can do something bigger than politics.' Calle 13 has won 19 Latin Grammys, more than any other act, and it has rallied international audiences with songs that hold messages of solidarity, sympathy for the hard-working poor and demands for freedom and individuality... 'Adentro' (Inside), mocks gangsta rappers and warns against treating them as role models: 'Are you dumb? Rapping about how to blow out brains?' But as the song continues, Residente goes on to confront himself...'Adentro' also mentions a flashy Maserati that Residente bought during Calle 13's first flush of success, an act of conspicuous consumption. For the video clip, he plans to have gangsta-influenced Puerto Rican youth put their guns and gold inside the Maserati before he smashes it with a baseball bat. (The bat is coming from Willie Mays, one of Mr. Pérez's heroes.)"
- Sunday New York Times

"two of the most visible and socially conscious Latin musicians today and an excellent band... few Spanish-language rappers can even come close to frontman René Pérez Joglar's flow. Musically, thanks to his brother Eduardo Cabra (the other half of Calle 13), they concoct a rare combination of songs that are rich in content, and musically appealing... 'Adentro' is gorgeous, and one of Calle 13's most revealing songs"- NPR

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