CALLE 13 Lead This Year’s LATIN GRAMMY Nominees

Calle13 live

With A Record-Setting TEN Nominations
Already Double GRAMMY and Ten-Time LATIN GRAMMY Winners, The Puerto Rican Duo Has Ben Recognized With The Following Nominations For Their Highly Acclaimed Fourth Album “Entren Los Que Quieran” (Everybody is Welcome):

Album Of The Year
Record Of The Year - "Latinoamérica"
Song Of The Year - "Latinoamérica"
Best Urban Music Album
Best Urban Song - "Baile De Los Pobres"
Best Alternative Song - "Calma Pueblo"
Best Tropical Song - "Vamo' A Portarnos Mal"
Best Short Form Music Video - "Calma Pueblo"
Producer Of The Year
…and Another Album Of The Year nomination as producers, for Shakira's Sale El Sol

“The most iconoclastic character in hip-hop — if not all of pop — might well be René Pérez, the rapper called Residente in the Puerto Rican duo Calle 13… ‘Entren Los Que Quieran’ overflows with messages about rich and poor, struggle and rebellion… The music, as on each of Calle 13’s previous albums, keeps expanding.”

“[Calle 13 has] consistently given voice to an underlying ethic of resistance, one that's never been quite as vociferous as it is on their fourth and latest album, ‘Entren Los Que Quieran.’… [with] defiance, exuberance - and revolutionary fervor … [Calle 13’s] music is as globally conscious as the band's message.”

"absolutely spectacular.. Entren los Que Quieran excitingly mixes cumbia, merengue, funk, reggae, rock, and hip-hop… Residente's absolutely overpowering raps are what make Calle 13 so special… He is in fine form on Entren los Que Quieran … another strong addition to a proud discography… Make no mistake, Calle 13 are still miles above their peers and countless imitators” – ALL MUSIC

article posted by:Silvia Guevara, Conga Booking SL