CALLE 13 Unveils Heartfelt Video For Acclaimed New Single "Latinoamérica"


Continuing The Group’s Support For Students Fighting For Affordable Higher Education, Calle 13 Premiered The Special Short Film Today During A Meeting With University Students in Mexico

Extending the Journey First Seen In The Duo’s Heralded Documentary “Sin Mapa”, "Latinoamérica" Finds Calle 13 Capturing The Faces And Inner Soul of a Hemisphere.

"Latinoamérica is the most important song we have done, documenting what we were, what we are and what it means to be Latin American. I think that strengthens our identity and helps us to remember and never forget.”
- Rene “Residente” Perez

Entren Los Que Quieran” overflows with messages about rich and poor, struggle and rebellion… The music, as on each of Calle 13’s previous albums, keeps expanding.. Calle 13 calls for solidarity across the Americas in “Latinoamérica,” which features three tradition-stretching guest singers — Susana Baca from Peru, Totó la Momposina from Colombia and Maria Rita from Brazil — over a hybrid Andean rhythm, with Mr. Pérez rapping, “I am Latin America, a land with no legs that still walks.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“Calle 13’s album is just fantastic. Their lyrics are intelligent, the music they hook with is really awesome and they have so much passion. One of the things we love about Calle 13 is they work a lot with legendary artists such as Totó la Momposina..."Latinoamérica" is a beautiful ode to Latin America. They are talking about who they are.. ‘I am the backbone of Latin America.. I am the face of somebody that has disappeared.’ They go through every Latin experience, and have put it in a poem .. with a lot of history woven throughout”

article posted by:Silvia Guevara, Conga Booking SL