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CALLE 13’s “Entren Los Que Quieran” Already Earning Glowing Praise And A “First Listen” Preview From NPR
“Calle 13’s music [is] revolutionary” – Entertainment Weekly

“Calle 13 is much more than a band of musicians: They are poets, comedians, journalists, satirists and political activists…They are fighters, who endure and struggle against the very real horrors of Latin America” - NPR

“a frank truth-telling agent provocateur… an invitation for rebellion…
world-music adventurousness [and] relentless rabble-rousing.” – New York Daily News

“Kanye West, Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pink, Kid Cudi, Kid Rock, N.E.R.D…but the one new album at the top of our playlist request list is Calle 13’s "Entren Los Que Quieran” – MTV Tr3s

The Double-GRAMMY and TEN-TIME LATIN GRAMMY Winning Duo Returns With The November 23rd Release Of Their Highly-Anticipated Fourth Album “Entren Los Que Quieran” (Everybody is Welcome)

First, Take A Quick Look Back At Their Already Storied History With A New/Brief Video Bio Clip:
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“What’s the best way to get people into politics? Nudity. It’s there in the video for the Puerto Rican brothers’ single ‘Calma Pueblo,’ a tirade against the White House, the Vatican, and (apparently) clothes. But never mind the message; the music’s more revolutionary. Igniting their agitprop songs with Bollywood, Hawaiian, hip-hop, and Latin styles on Entren Los Que Quieran, they’ll make you want to bomb any radio station that won’t play rock en español. A–”-Entertainment Weekly (11/26/10)

“November is officially new music month! Kanye West, Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pink, Kid Cudi, Kid Rock, N.E.R.D… [but] the one album at the top of our playlist request list is Puerto Rican duo Calle 13’s fourth studio album Los Que Quieran, which hits stores November23rd. The LP promises to be a mix of genres and sounds that tackles a range of topics including personal freedom, cultural unity and conformity.”-MTV Tr3s

“Calle 13's fourth album, "Entren Los Que Quieran,is an invitation to like-minded Latino youth to a safe space for rebellion. The first single, "Calma Pueblo" ("Calm People"), which features Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodríguez, seems to symbolize Pérez's subtle transformation. Rodríguez's grinding prog-rock chords are the perfect foil for Pérez's explosive controlled chaos, in which he attacks commercial pop stars, the Vatican and even his own record label. But a different kind of anger is on display. A self-styled lower-middle-class agent provocateur, Pérez knows his frank truth-telling is what's really offensive, not his profanity. Even the controversial video for "Calma Pueblo" features nudity not just for sexual shock value but as a metaphor for self-liberation... Calle 13's "poetry of filth" has given way to a focus on strident class politics and a kind of wistful introspection - but you can still dance to it.. The world-music adventurousness of previous albums anchored by musical director Eduardo (Visitante) Cabra reappears here with "Baile de los Pobres," where Bollywood meets dance hall, and "Latinoamérica," which features Brazil's Maria Rita, Peru's Susana Baca and Colombia's Totó la Momposina. But the clear strength of "Entren Los Que Quieran" is Pérez's relentless rabble-rousing. "Vamo' a Portarnos Mal" ("Let's Behave Badly") is a merengue/ska-fueled embrace of ecstatic disorder destined to become a major Calle 13 anthem.” - New York Daily News

“Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 has forever impacted urban Latino music and now they’re back with a new album. Their “liberate your hips and your mind will follow” attitude has garnered them a huge fan base over the last five years. Entre Los Que Quieran is the title of their new album and based on its distinctive sound alone, it’s clear that Calle 13 is prepping to take over the world. Calle 13’s first single, “Calma Pueblo,” which features the raging guitar of Mars Volta’s Omar Rodríguez Lopez, is a torrent of passionate rants about anger, disillusionment, and the craving for personal freedom. Already creating headlines, the video for this song features a cavalcade of nude actors romping around the skyscrapers of San Juan’s business district, proving yet again that Calle 13 isn’t afraid to make a statement. Go get Calle 13’s new album, Entre Los Que Quieran, The sounds are so wildly addicting that you’ll be humming them in your sleep!” – NocheLatina

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