Trending tropics

TRENDING TROPICS has been launched and is the new musical project led by the Puerto Rican musician and producer Eduardo Cabra "Visitante" Co-founder and musical Mastermind of the acclaimed band Calle13 with the Dominican singer-songwriter Vicente Garcia, both great winners in the last Latin Grammy awards .
Trending Tropics is composed of multi-instrumentalist musicians who come from various countries of the Caribbean, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico . His musical background is just as diverse, although the essence of Trending Tropic's music is born of Afro-Caribbean and Caribbean cultures, interlaced with the contemporary. The interpretations will consist of collaborations of different musicians of different genres and styles. Electronic and Caribbean with a scenic and visual proposal never seen before .

Trending Tropic's not only comes to demostrate their musical abilities, but to take us through a journey where the genuine sound of a band is united with the imagination, directing new tendencies within a music that comes from the tropic .

First Single Coming in June 2018

article posted by:Silvia Guevara, Conga Booking SL