Beatriz Aguiar

Beatriz Aguiar


The voice of Uruguay
Immediately after the very first minutes of Beatriz's voice listening, you understand and feel the warmth and passion, full of energy, of her fantastic interpretation of the music from Uruguay.
Born in Montevideo, she brings to her music the melancholy and romance of the Argentinean tango, the samba, the power of the chacarera and the Uruguayan candombe rhythm.

Her new cd "Mi Canciuen" is the result of more than 20 years experience in the music scene from Latin America to Europe.
She knows the tradition very well and brings into our time a very personal musical mix of traditional and contemporary styles. The pulse and heart beat, meetings and farewells typical from the Uruguayan tradition and music.

'Latin America sings and we carry it's voice, wherever we go.'

A fascinating journey into the music of another American center