Continental Drifts & Global Local

We have been running for 18 years. We have always specialized in the most cutting edge mixes of world and 21st Century Styles.

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CONTINENTAL DRIFTS – What We Do and Who We Are !

"Irrepressible" Joe Strummer

WE LOVE NEW MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been running for 18 years. We have always specialized in the most cutting edge mixes of world and 21st Century Styles. We particularly work with UK based diverse culture for innovative crossovers.

MUSIC AGENCY – Ska Cubano , Katy Carr, Top Cats , Musical Youth , Sweet Life Society , Gypsy Hill, Dj Nick Hollywood , Renegade Brass Band , DJ Chris Tofu , White Mink and so many more

VINTAGE REMIX – EDM with a big Difference - That’s anything that older than 1970 and is remixed and takes in a bunch of genres some we simply have invented others that have really took off. This genre Vintage Remix is a brand new way of massing all those remixes and remixer's under one roof, which quite simply the biggest new genre for years .

ELECTRO SWING - We really championed this great genre , sounds of the 1920's to 1950's remixed, we have access to all the best acts in this genre , both new and really well established. We have whole tents at many festivals for this music including at Glastonbury , Bestival and more. We ran the first club in the world dedicated to these vibes. Electro Swing Club which is now replicated around the world .

We have a number of different impressions of this work and around 50 k followers across various social networks ( Biggest selling cd of this genre and we host a number of clubs in this name ) - is our worldwide network of clubs and music

Here’s a bunch of ideas

ELECTRO BLUES - The indefatigable remix of ancient Delta Blues right up to Doo Wop , we run clubs and are with Freshly Squeezed Recs on this. We have about 10 amazing acts

BRASS BAND REWORKED - We love a brass band remix more than many we have many stages and clubs that can witness this. Whether it’s a Hip Hop brass or 17 piece Gypsy band doing mad covers it always works

Starting with Ska Cubano we have been fascinated by the hybrids of this fantastic music , its Djs and remixer’s . From the psychedelic jump of Los Chinches to the harder reworks of Dj Cal Jader.



We have an incredible project that finds the real heart and soul of new Womex UK sounds . This is called Global Local and its one of the biggest and best projects in Europe to find innovation and the best new young Global style bands. Check you’ll find a bunch of new music . We always aim to take world music more into the mainstream and away from a closed market and so many of our acts reflect a remix of 21st Century Styles and traditional music . Every year we find at least 12 new acts and work with a vast network of promoters that “doing it on the ground “ so nothing is not road tested. We are lucky enough to have at least 20 different stages of this music at festivals across the UK each year . This culminates on one of the best festivals annually called London Remixed Festival a multi venue showcase for the best of the new .


Continental Drifts Music - is a remarkable music company with its own innovative direction. In 2013 alone we programmed stages with an audience of over 1 Million people (30 stages this summer), creating for many some of this summer’s "golden "moments. Our real strength lies in the fact that we program me such a vast and diverse culture from top names to new and up and coming artists from many different countries. What makes us unique is that we have been involved in the creation of many great festivals and have been able to watch them develop and grow.

In the 18 years we have been working in this industry we have managed to give literally 1000's of bands their first big break in the UK

Programmers Credentials
Stages at Glastonbury (Lost Vagueness , Shangri Las , last 15 years), Lovebox, Bestival, The Olympic Games , Latitude, Wychwood Festival, Thames Festival, V Fest, Ealing Festival, Queens Jubilee, Victoria and Albert Museum, Dubai Festival and many more across UK and Europe


We organise events for up to 1 million people annually, either by producing events or programming stages between May and October at events like Glastonbury, Bestival, Thames and England’s largest Latin event Carnival Del Pueblo. There’s nothing our production team can’t happen from Superstars and spectacles for 100`s of thousands to Community events


We have a vast knowledge and roster of circus and street theatre and push these artists to gigs around the world.

Please see our website for more info.

Chris Tofu



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