Continental Drifts

Continental Drifts

Artist Agency, Festival Programming, Events Production.

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Continental Drifts has been at the cutting edge of music for over two decades.

We have been at the centre of our own remarkable musical planet for so long. We have taken culture from, and sent it to, every corner of the globe. Our programming of stages has gone from tiny platforms to entire fields and multi-venue festivals.

We are musical pioneers and instrumental in the creation of musical trends – Electro Swing, Gypsy Remix, Vintage Remix and Brass Band Remix. In 2011, we launched our own London Remixed Festival which is still going strong.

We program music for all sorts of organizations from major festivals like Glastonbury where we curate the Shangri-La area, to community events like the Ealing Jazz Festival, to private functions and corporate events.

Each year we produce gigs for over 1 million people with hundreds of bands. Our needle never leaves the coolest and most innovative of grooves.

From sold out gigs in London’s biggest venues to village halls – if we can make a vibe with our music, and there’s people to enjoy it, we are happy. Over 30 festival stages a year gives us the chance to “road-test“ our bands and whole new musical genres. We’re also lucky enough to receive Arts Council England funding that allows us to explore the remix of everything with our Global Local and Remix Space projects!



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