Kareyce Fotso


A foot in her culture and the other one in a modern world, Kareyce Fotso is an African woman, full of life, charm humour and real talent. A powerful voice, original, recognisable between others, tinted lightly by a vell of blues. A unique jewel in the constellation of the African stars.
On stage, Kareyce rocks us with her pretty melodies followed by her guitar then gives her all in the songs. Suddenly, she flips in a more traditional Africa and plays a small “lamellohpone” (sanza). She stands up to dance, janglers on her feet or followed by a wooden drum. She ends with a humoristic song in the purest spirti of teh singer “Zao”.
Her concert is very personal, varied and catches a particualr universe. We are under the charm of so much talent and spontaneity.