Loop B

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  • region:
    São Paulo
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Experimental
  • label:
    not signed
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The Brazilian rhythms are present in the two pillars that form LOOP B’s music: percussion from scraps which dates back to the beginning of their career in the 1970’s and the electronic structure that arose in the 1980’s. With theatrical instruments, the percussion toys live on pre-reordered tracks made on computers and keyboards. Gasoline tank, computer’s monitor and keyboard, washing machine, stoves and other objects such as cannon cartridges become musical instruments in their hands. Loop B writes soundtracks for dance, theatre and movies and gives workshops on digital composition and percussion on scraps. They released the CDs “Farinha Digital (2008 with Pedro Osmar), “A Musica Toca” (2003), “De Onde” (2000), “Spray” (1997) and “Midnight Mirage” (1992).


Loop B



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Hammer Drill Samba

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