"Beware The Fetish" - Kasai Allstars

Kasai Allstars
  • artist:Kasai Allstars
  • release year:2014
  • country:Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc), LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Crammed Discs
  • label:Crammed Discs

"Beware The Fetish" is the long-awaited second album by the mindblowing, Kinshasa-based musicians' collective, whose debut album "In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic" made a lasting impact on the imagination of artists and music lovers worldwide

This double-CD contains 12 tracks, clocking in at over 100 minutes: Kasai Allstars otherworldly music requires no less than complete and lengthy immersion! It is not advised to try and listen to this record as background music (especially on tiny computer speakers)…

"Beware The Fetish" presents a broader scope of Kasai Allstars' music, probing deeper into the musicians' repertoires and styles, with the help of a large array of guests. The band use their trademark mixture of traditional instruments (slit & buzz drums, xylophones), electric guitars, and distorted thumb pianos with DIY amplification (such as the giant bass likembe which adorns the cover). Some songs showcase rocking & intertwining guitars, some others include a higher proportion of acoustic percussion or likembes, and they all feature arresting vocal performances by a cast of charismatic singers including Kabongo, Muambuyi, Tshimanga, Mi Amor, Tandjolo, Grand Prêtre, and the late, lamented Mbuyamba Nyunyi. The lyrics of the songs tackle matters such as sorcery, social commentary and traditional wisdom.

Just like all other albums in the Congotronics series, Beware The Fetish was produced, recorded & mixed by Vincent Kenis.