Bakh yaye
Bakh Yaye
Bakh Yaye
  • country:Senegal
  • region:West Africa
  • style(s):Afro, Percussion
  • label:Ma Case Prod
  • type:Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, singer songwriter, dance orchestra
  • artist posted by:CRICAO

Line up

  • Alassane SOUMARE (Sabar, djembé and vocal)
  • Babacar LO (Sabar)
  • Baye Cheik MBAYE (Group leader) (Vocal and percussions)
  • Cheikh SOW (Percussions and Dum)
  • Fanta SISSOKO (Vocal)
  • Khady SARR (Dance)


Bakh Yaye project (“Good mother” in wolof) started in Senegal by the gathering of friends from Guediawaye neighborhood, in the suburbs of Dakar. Their repertoire was mostly based upon traditional rythmes played to ac-
company religious songs or during the Navétanes, summer celebrations in which each district supports its football team.

In 2003, Papa Dethialaw Mbaye, aka Baye Cheikh, comes to France and decides to take up this project with other musicians living in Toulouse.

Bakh Yaye might be the oldest african music formation in Toulouse and CRICAO has been supporting them for many years. Several Bakh Yaye artistic creations were born in Toulouse such as “Koleuré” (“the gratitude” in english) in 2009, “Toulouse-Dakar” in 2016, recorded between Dakar and Toulouse and which resulted in a tour in Senegal and Gambia.

After several parallel projects that allowed the band to tour in french and international venues, the band came back with a new creation called “L’Engouement” (“The Craze”). Bakh Yaye wishes to bring to the fore in a unique way the sabar and Baye Fall drums, typical from Senegal.
The show also includes balafon, danses and songs from Western Africa. Bakh Yaye strengthens his cohesion and comes back with a new energy transmitted by the striking creative boiling from this young and inventive country.