ritual breakbeats - virtual trance

Berlin scene meets gnawa tradition
Trance and voice electrify
Pop & rock riffs and breakbeats will hypnotise !

With their intensive vocals and rhythms the Gnawa musicians, playing nightly rituals, are able to bring varied audiences to trance, a state of open-mindedness, sometimes hypnotic then ecstatic.

In September 1998 the traditional moroccan gnawa musicians Abdenbi Binizi, Samir Zgarhi and Majid Karadi met Jan-Claudius Rase and David Beck, both multi-instrumentalists of German origin.
Following time spent in the studio and a trip to Marrakech, the German musicians went on to mix traditional recordings with western club compostions. The « Living Remixes » concept was born.

Gnawa Impulse gave their first concert a year ago at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin in front of an enthousiastic crowd. Gnawa Impulse is today made up of six musicians who, between Marrakech and Berlin, pack in concerts (e.g. Popdeurope Festival, Rudolstadt, Odyssee, WOMEX 02) and compilations (e.g. Armani Café, Drum and Tribe vol. 3, Rough Guide to Arabesque) in view of the next European tour.