Dancas Ocultas

Dancas Ocultas


CD Tarab
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Line up

  • Artur Fernandes  (diatonic accordion)
  • Filipe Cal  (diatonic accordion)
  • Filipe Ricardo  (diatonic accordion)
  • Francisco Miguel  (diatonic accordion)


Four accordions from the edge of Europe

"Dancas Ocultas" are four young accordionists from Agueda near Porto who are among the most innovative and most exciting representatives of contemporary Portuguese music. For some years now they have been rising on the international world music scene with an apparently very simple concept: quiet, lyrical, more or less traditional, with only four diatonic accordions.

The quartet's name has nothing to do with Black Masses but means that Dancas Ocultas play music for dances that still have to be invented. Famous Fado plays a minor role, the band inspiration comes rather from traditional village music, Tango Nuevo and the chamber music e.g. of the Russian Terem Quartet. They neither indulge in virtuosity competitions, nor do they play pure folk music. "Impressionistic Folk" is maybe the best label for this timeless art music: minimalist, profound sound paintings full of unexpected turns and noble melancholy. Very special music impossible to escape its magnetism.

"Inventive and creative instrumental music by one of Europe's best art music ensembles. Highly recommended"
CD Roots 2007

2011 Alento (iplay)
2009 Tarab (Numerica)
2004 Pulsar (Magic Music)
2002 Travessa da Espera (L'Empreinte Digitale)
1998 Ar (EMI VC)
1996 Dancas Ocultas (EMI VC)


Womex Showcase 2010

Booking worldwide except Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Greece, UK, Netherlands.