Donauwellenreiter live


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  • country:Austria
  • style(s):World Jazz, Contemporary
  • label:Laloki Music
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, string, piano
  • artist posted by:CultureWorks

Line up

  • Jörg Mikula (drums)
  • Lukas Lauermann (Cello)
  • Maria Craffonara (vocals, violin)
  • Thomas Castaneda (piano)


Between Minimalism, Beat and Pizzicato Groove

Donauwellenreiter play a fascinating distinct sound of highly poetic charisma. The acclaimed Vienna based quartet has gained recognition at home as well as abroad for both their outstanding live concerts as well as recordings.

After their first two albums ANNÄHERUNG (2012) and MESSEÏ (2014, Intuition Records), Donauwellenreiter present EUPHORIA, an astonishing and highly inspiring new piece of work. The mix of the musical influences and experiences of the individual ensemble members – folklore, pop, jazz, classical, chamber music, world music and more – merges into a mesmerizing, sensually and intellectually stimulating whole.

Donauwellenreiter succeed in creating equally approachable and demanding modern art music that fascinates listeners who avoid compulsive genre conventions and appreciate quality and artistic substance. The quatuor have found their attentive audiences in Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Portugal or Canada as well as at home in Vienna, the mature urban openness of the city being undoubtedly a basic element and a precondition for the art of this ensemble.

In October 2017 Donauwellenreiter presented their latest album with reinterpretations of the songs of Italian cantautore Gianmaria Testa who passed away in 2015.

“Wow. If you want something you'll enjoy so much, that's gleefully out of the ordinary, that'll drive you nuts, this is what you want to be hearing. Well done”
(Chris Spector, Midwest Record, 2014 USA)