Riccardo Tesi

Riccardo Tesi


CD Thapsos
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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Jazz, Tradimodern
  • label:Felmay
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:CultureWorks

Line up

  • Claudio Carboni  (sax)
  • Gigi Biolcati (drums)
  • Maurizio Geri  (vocals, guitar)
  • Riccardo Tesi  (accordion)


Riccardo Tesi is a central figure of the Italian folk- and worldmusic-scene. For 30 years he has been one of the most imaginative players of the organetto, the diatonic button accordion. As an ethnomusicologist he has explored the liscio, the waltz of his native Tuscany, the musical traditions of southern Italy, the Balkans, Madagscar, Africa or India as well as jazz or Nino Rota's film music. With his Banditaliana he melts all those elements into a colourful, refined and easily dancable art music which nevertheles remains deeply rooted in Italian tradition. Tesi has collaborated with numerous artists of the Italian and European world and jazz scene (Elena Ledda, Patrick Vaillant, Gianluigi Trovesi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Gianmaria Testa etc) and is regularly invited to perform at the most important festivals in Europe and Canada.

"Tesi has always been considered a master of his craft, a highly sought after session musician and a member of many of Italy's best ensembles over the years, but with Banditaliana he is firmly in control and shows that while craftsmanship counts, artistry is the real test. Tesi passes, 100."
RootsWorld, 2003

Discography (Extract)
2011 Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Madreperla" (Materiali Sonori)
2009 Riccardo Tesi solo (Cinq Planetes)
2007 Riccardo Tesi "Presente Remoto" (Felmay)
2006 Riccardo Tesi & Claudio Carboni "Crinali" (Felmay)
2004 Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Lune" (Felmay)
2003 Riccardo Tesi "Acqua Foco e Vento" (Dunya Records)
2000 Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Thapsos" (Felmay)
1998 Riccardo Tesi "Banditaliana" (Felmay)