Alain Perez y la Orquesta

Alain Perez y la Orquesta
  • country:Cuba
  • region:Cuba-Puerto Rico
  • style(s):Latin, Son cubano
  • label:EGREM
  • type:Big Band
  • instrumentation:salsa and latin band
  • artist posted by:CUZA Agency

Alain Pérez bio

Alain Perez was born on April 20th / 1977 in Trinidad at Santi Spíritus province (Cuba).
His first steps in music began as a vocalist in Cielito Lindo group, when he was 8 years old at Cienfuegos province, there he participated in many cultural activities and in many national and international festivals.
In 1988 he started his studies at Manuel Saumel conservatory where received classic guitar lessons, piano lessons and other subjects related to music.
In 1993 he continues his guitar second level at ENA, Art National School.
In 1995 was his first international presentation as vocalist in the Latin Jazz group Irakere, with the talented musician Chucho Valdez, Alain was at the 3rd level of his musical studies.
In 1996 the musician Isaac Delgado requested his cooperation as bassoonist, since this moment he become in the assort and the musical director of the orquestra.
On May, 1996 he received the highest punctuation due to his participation in a concert, graduation event where he played the electric guitar. After the mentioned event, he integrated the teacher´s team of his school.
In 1998 he taped Belebele en la Habana, under the record company Blue, join Chucho Valdes being nominated to a Grammy.
In 1998 he presented his music around Europe, as a member of the Team Cuba, stars from the Cuban music.
In 1999 he taped with the musician Isaac Delgado, La Primera noche , with the well-known hit La Sandunguita.
In 2000 he taped (by himself) El Desafio, to the record company Bat Discos.
In 2002 he received the main award in the 3rd edition of the Latin Jazz with the theme En el Aire.
In 2004 he taped with the famous Paco De Lucia the Album Cositas Buenas, winning the Latin Grammy. He is the bassoonist of the group from that moment on.
In 2006 he showed to the world his second record En el Aire with the company AYVA MUSICA
In 2010 presented his 3 rd record Apetecible to the company GLOBOMEDIAMUSIC
Musical Producer of many brilliant musicians like Celia Cruz, Isaac Delgado, Habana Abierta, Estrella Morente, Omara Portuondo, Miguel Pobeda among another.
In 2011 is the principal figure at the 1rst Latin Jazz Festival in Madrid and Barcelona , Spain , receiving the best comments from the specialized international reviewers
He has collaborated as well with : Enrique Morente,Diego el Cigala, Paco de Lucia ,Niño Josele ,Chucho Valdez Celia Cruz, Paquito de Rivera, Israel López Cachao, Chick Corea,Wynton Marsalis Horacio El Negro Hernández, Gonzalo Rubalcaba,Jerry Gonzalez,Giovanni Hidalgo ,David Valentin,Jorge Pardo,Rubem Dantas, Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de España, Rubén Blades, among other.
On April 2011 he produced the last Issac Delgado´s record : Super Cubano
On November 2011 , he produced the last Paco de Lucia´s record : Paco de Lucia en Vivo.
In 2012 he wings the second Grammy with the record Paco de Lucia en vivo.
In 2013 he received a Grammy to the best record of the year, to the Paco de Lucia ´s record.
In 2015 presented the record Hablando con Juana , this musical work consecrated his talent as a singer and received the best comments from the specialized reviewers from Spain and Cuba. His work also received the best novel artist award in the Lucas project.
In 2015 he is nominated to the Latin Grammy event for the record El Alma del Son tribute to Matamoros.
He also received the Latin Grammy as interpreter of the record, Entre dos aguas , from Paco de Lucia.
He returned to Havana, Cuba in 2016, he was welcomed as a young icon for the music in Cuba and the rest of the world.
In 2017 he presented his most recent record production, from Havana, Cuba, AND, to the record company Egrem.
In 2017 he is nominated to the Best Salsa Album at the Latin Grammy Awards.