Clarinet Factory

Clarinet Factory
credit: Lukas Kaderabek
  • country:Czech Republic
  • region:Central Europe
  • style(s):Crossover
  • label:Supraphon (so far)
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, woodwind
  • artist posted by:Czech Production s.r.o.

Line up

  • Jindrich Pavlis (clarinet, contrabass clarinet)
  • Ludek Boura (clarinet)
  • Petr Valasek (bass clarinet)
  • Vojtech Nydl (clarinet, vocals)


An exceptional clarinet quartet considered to be one of the most unique local ensembles to feature on the Czech scene over the past twenty years. Their style hovers between contemporary and classical music, jazz and world music, however also features electronic and multi-genre projects.
“Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, spiced up with some clarinet art, classic musical training, a touch of world music, jazz and minimalism. You then supply the desire to improvise, purchase the latest electronics and technology, invite along some interesting guests and start exploring, creating and, above all, communicating with your listeners. The environment you have created generates space for your own particular genre to flourish; a style which certainly has something in common with crossover as a term, but which is better expressed as ‘music without borders,’” This is how Clarinet Factory members, who frequently cooperate with percussionist Alan Vitouš, describe their interesting musical concept. Examples attesting the group’s international reputation include scooping up first place at the prestigious American International Songwriting Competition (2005, USA) and receiving an invitation to perform alongside Bobby McFerrin.
Clarinet Factory have also composed film music (e.g. Hidden Things), as well as compositions for theatre and ballet performances (latest cooperation with VerTeDance – CORRECTION won the most prestigious Czech award in the field of contemporary dance: the Dance Piece of the Year award - 2014.) They also work closely with the singer Lenka Dusilová and the artist and performer Petr Nikl.

Separate (as well as the latest) chapter in Clarinet Factory’s story is the latest outstanding double album Worx and Reworx (*2014). The album not only maps out the creations of Clarinet Factory’s imaginary “best of” but also contains twelve “best of” remixed tracks from leading foreign and local artists on the electronic and experimental music scene including Hidden Orchestra, Sylvain Chauveau, Christopher Willits and Floex.


"Meadows" - Clarinet Factory