"Contracorrente" - Contracorrente

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Víctor Jara, one of the most important songwriters of his generation and active advocate of social justice and equality.
  • 1 El derecho de vivir en paz
  • 2 A morte saiu à rua
  • 3 Txoria Txori
  • 4 Canción del derrumbe índio
  • 5 Maré alta
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  • artist:Contracorrente
  • region:Aveiro
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):East European, Folk
  • country:Portugal
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:d'Orfeu AC
  • label:d'Orfeu AC


From the stage to the album "Contracorrente" launches the first CD recording on 15th December, under the seal of d'Eurídice. The spectacle of d’Orfeu Associação Cultural pays tribute to the music of global intervention, gathering five flagship songs in its self-titled debut EP, including the theme "A morte saiu à rua", which awarded the Prize Adriano Correia de Oliveira this year in the Festival Cantar Abril, assigned to the best recreation of songs of resistance.

As the project in concert, the EP features Sara Vidal (voice), Miguel Calhaz (bass), Gil Abrantes (saxophone), André Cardoso (guitar), Rui Silva (percussion), under the musical direction of Manuel Maio (mandolin and violin). The album “Contracorrente" intends to recover the memory and claim to the present some of the songs and voices of resistance that marked the history of the twentieth century, including "A morte saiu à rua" by José Afonso, "Maré Alta" by Sérgio Godinho, "Txoria Txori” by the Basque Mikel Laboa, "Canción del Derrumbe Indio" by the Argentine Mercedes Sosa and "El derecho de vivir" by the Chilean Victor Jara. A travel around the World sung in several languages ​​and a manifest that, even today, resisting is a way of exist. This EP has a symbolic price of 5€ (4€ d'Orfeu card).
More “Contracorrente” on the official page http://www.dorfeu.pt/contracorrente.