"Carnatic Connection" - BOLLYWOOD BRASS BAND


Accompany us on our journey to new territory in South India, where brass meet strings and we encounter the sonic wonders of violin gamakas (decorations), mridangam (double-headed hand drum) and morsing (jaws harp).

We present a fusion of Bollywood and Carnatic filmi sounds; from the legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja’s Rakkamma to the ubiquitous AR Rahman, whose classics Jiya Jale, Kehta Hai Mera Dil and Kehna Hi Kya feature Jyotsna Srikanth's mellifluous violin playing, while the Oscar-winning Jai Ho is given the dance-floor treatment.

Deva Deva Kalayami grounds us squarely in the Carnatic tradition with a classical melody in raga mayamalava gowla, where Jyotsna leads BBB on a virtuosic, improvisatory journey incorporating the interplay of jugalbandi (duets).

'Chandralekha' (1948), the ground-breaking, black-and-white Tamil movie, has inspired Sarha Moore and Kay Charlton to compose a new soundtrack for the finale of the film. Drum Dance accompanies the epic scene where 400 dancers perform on top of enormous drums; suddenly the drums open up to reveal armies of soldiers who attack the stronghold (think Trojan Horse). Once inside the castle, the two leading men undertake a heroic sword fight, including, of course, a grand staircase and a chandelier, as they fight over the leading lady. Drum Dance is an original combination of west African rhythms and riffs with South Indian tihais, while Sword Fight showcases Jyotsna's improvisatory flair with gamakas galore underpinning the action on screen. Watch the scene, with this brand new accompaniment, on our YouTube channel – Bollywood Brass Band Chandralekha film.