Longest running Lituanian independent label for alter-Native Baltic magic - rock, post-folk, electronic, underground, ethno. Mėnuo Juodaragis festival

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Dangus is the oldest running independent music label in Lituania. Since 1993 this small enthusiastic gathering developed into a solid organisation that aims to support Baltic post-folk music, organises festivals and promotes modern outlook on the ethnic heritage.

Dangus’ activities are centered around the unique Baltic roots, that is strong inspirational source for many talented artists on the label. The label’s catalogue counts almost 100 albums, including well-known Lithuanian groups – Atalyja, Kūlgrinda, Donis, Pievos, Trys Keturiose, Ugniavijas, as well as some artists from the other Baltic countries, like Prussian phenomenon Romowe Rikoito, or Latvian band Ēnu Kaleidoskops.

Dangus aims to present the most original Lithuanian native music, or alter-native as they put it. Meaning that very archaic reflections and echoes of ancient pre-christian times are universal in their spiritual essence and therefore very modern as well. And that is the unique and most intriguing living part of Lithuanian art.

Labels' releases differ in their style – besides sutartinės, a UNESCO preserved heritage, and authentic forms of ethnic music, Dangus publishes many post-folk, rock, electronic, avant-garde and other subcultural music that is related to the native sounding. Lithuanian scene is very interesting, though often one needs to make a step outside the popular trends to discover it.

Dangus' activities during 25 years made a notable impact on alternative culture in Baltic region. The biggest and most known music event organised by Dangus is the yearly summer open-air festival “Mėnuo Juodaragis” (Black-horned Moon), representing label's ideas of ancient meeting postmodern.

Dangus have started a Baltic shops “Ragainė” in Vilnius and Kaunas, now featuring a most solid Lithuanian music releases selection and unique folk art handicrafts.

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stand number WOMEX 22: 85


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