"Thar" - Various Artists

Various Artists


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The Thar Desert of Rajasthan and the people who inhabit the vastness of this land are culturally diverse and peculiar in the music they perform. The passion that drives them to play such rhythms and melodies is unsurpassed. The voices that render to tune the common man’s life and his belief in an expression of music are honest, forthright and reflections of a life lived in the desert. Numerous communities perform music in Thar desert some of who are the Bheel, Dholi, Langa and Meghwal. The Bhopa Bhopi and Meerasi are other communities vital to the cultural image of the region for the way they handle an orchestra of instruments like Algoza, Suranda, Been, Satara, Rawanhatta, Chang, Bansuri, Ghunghroo, Dholak, Khartal, and the Manjeera besides other instruments. The music in this album is concentrated on lending vitality to life and its aspects in a harmonious representation of the human spirit.