De Kulture Music Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2005, De Kulture Music is a unique initiative to present the diverse authentic regional Indian music.

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Researching, identifying, recording, documenting and promoting unique Indian artists since last 7 years - against the increasing musical homogeneity and extinction of traditional, local music-making practices.

OBJECTIVE: To promote and preserve the diverse authentic Indian music.

ACTIONS: Live shows, festivals, album publishing, digital downloads and licensing.

ROSTER: More than 2000 vocalists and instrumentalists

RECORD LABEL: 50 albums (with literature and handicraft packaging) released.

DISTRIBUTION: 400 outlets in India, first international outlets, digital distribution.

METHODOLOGY: Natural performances and on locale/field recordings

ARCHIVE: Database of traditional genres, artists and their culture

SOCIAL IMPACT: Sustainable model of art promotion - all the profits are being reinvested in new projects dedicated in different forms of promotion and creating an archive of Indian folk music


At De Kulture Events we want to change the image of Indian folk music perceived as something not represented in professional manner, by providing specialized services and management of artists, and at the same time keeping the spirit, soul, improvisation and authenticity inherent to folk and traditional music. We have years of experience in organizing performances of different folk groups. DKE is also currently producing an unprecedented traditional music festival in India.

RESEARCH and identification of talented and accomplished artists from various corners of the country

SELECTION of the artists to be promoted at international platforms

REHEARSALS, arranging and programming music with artists for every concert

CREATIVE WORK including preparing audio, video, photo, graphic design, press, copywriting, etc

PROMOTION by social media, offline media, collaborations, newsletters, etc

LOGISTICS - preparing, managing, assisting and facilitating artists for international travels (passports, visas, permissions, even birth certificates)

MANAGEMENT – English/Hindi speaking tour manager

PRESENTATION - artistic direction, sound, light, choreography, ambience, lyrics, translations, musical expertise

participating in

  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010


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Blue Lotus Festival


"Sounds of Punjab " - Various Artists

"Unheard Punjab " - Various Artists

"Grooves of Punjab " - Various Artists

"Thar" - Various Artists

"Kutch" - Various Artists

"Sounds of Kutch" - Various Artists