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  • artist:Abaji
  • featured artist:Abaji, Nawal Raad
  • region:Mediterranean
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Blues, Oriental
  • country:France
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:De Rémusat Management
  • label:Absilone
  • publisher:Absilone

I decided to record this project very quickly, in two days, with a very precise idea: one and unique take for each song... All the instruments would be played all together without re recording and no corrections possible.
A few days before D day, here I am with plenty of songs and instruments wanting to be in and an idea makes its way: sing in the five languages of my family... Five languages for my fifth album, it makes sense, doesn’t it?!
French, that is awkwardly my mother tongue. In fact it was the minority’s language under the Ottoman Empire where my parents came from: my father of Armenian, Greek and Syrian origins born in Smyrna and my mother born in Istanbul from Armenian and Syrian origins.
Arabic, the language of the city where I was born: Beirut and the language of eternal friendship.
Turkish, that language that made me laugh as my mom spoke it with her mother and sisters hoping that we, the kids, didn’t understand a thing.
Greek, that my mother and my father spoke to say those beautiful words of love.
Armenian, this hidden root that found its way through the rocks and slaughters, language that I don’t speak but language that found a immense resonance in my soul.

So here I am in the middle of a large studio, microphones all around my instruments. I can play the way I feel, as if I was playing on stage! No corrections. Emotion is the only goal to tell my “Origine Orients”, my love of the deserts and the Mediterranean sea, so many spaces with a same and unique musical root, the Amân. The Amân is that feeling of beauty expressed by our people when grace touches them.

Here I am ready to tell you in music the Story of my Orients and of its Origin.

“Origine Orients” was composed and played by ABAJI on vocals, bouzouki, saz, oudguitar, lyra kemencheh, percussions, harmonica, bamboo flute from Bali, Armenian bass duduk and Colombian bamboo saxophone.

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France: Absilone / Harmonia Mundi
Germany: Neo / Sony
Switzerland: Disques Office