Nomfusi - Live at Sauti Za Busara - 2022
Nomfusi - Live at Sauti Za Busara - 2022
Nomfusi - Live at Sauti Za Busara - 2022
Nomfusi - The Red Stoep Experience @photo Emp Cyclone
Nomfusi @ photo Emp_Cyclone
Nomfusi @ photo by Emp Cyclone


dedicated to Nelson Mandela performed live at Bardentreffen 2014
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Nomfusi - The Red Stoep Experience Tour
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  • country:South Africa
  • region:Southern Africa
  • style(s):South African, Afro-Soul
  • label:Delicious Tunes
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Delicious Tunes

Line up

  • David Woehrer (Drums )
  • John Amoako (Keys)
  • Mark Williams (E-Guitar)
  • Nomfusi (Vocals )
  • Sebastian Gieck (Bass)


"Her voice is bigger than mine, but she‘s smaller than my trumpet. The last time we invited her she stole the show from us.” - Hugh Masekela
"An ABSOLUTE riot to watch and hear .” - Roots ‘n Blues Festival, Canada Blues Festival, Canada
""Only a few artists have the ability to wow an audience as much before Lionel Richie as Nomfusi did" ” - Markus Muffler Stimmen Festival

With her gigantic voice and tons charm, with sheer will and determination she has risen from the squalor of South African squatter camps to glistening on the stages of the world. With her big voice and world class range Nomfusi is conquering the audiences around the world.

Nomfusi can go to this place where music becomes much more than what we hear. She can touch your soul by letting down her own guards and just sings from the heart...pure gold!

////////////////////////////// BIO
Nomfusi's life story was described by Rolling Stone South Africa as "the sort of story Hollywood is bound to snap up." She was born in the township of KwaZakhele in the Eastern Cape and raised by her single mother named Kwazibani (“Who Knows?” in English) while her father was serving a 21-years incarceration sentence. A domestic worker by day, Kwazibani was a sangoma (African medicine woman) with a gift for music. Nomfusi would accompany her mother to the weekly sangoma rituals ("Intlombe") where she would develop her interest in music and artistic identity by dancing and singing for hours.
Tragically, in 1998. Nomfusi was suddenly orphaned at the age of twelve when her mother died of AIDS. Nomfusi’s aunt took them in, but she also died of the same disease three years later. With remarkable inner strength, Nomfusi turned her situation around to become one of South Africa's brightest stars. Never one to pity herself, but teaching kids and adults "that life is about choices," and that "one has to overcome the poverty of the mind first”. She has done outreach work at schools for vulnerable children in Soweto, Swaziland and Malawi.
Throughout her career Nomfusi has given riveting performances across Europe and Canada in telling her stories through music at prestigious festivals such as WOMAD UK, AFRIKADEY (CA), FMM SINES (PT), LUGANO JAZZ (CH) just to name a few. She opened for super star Lionel Richie at STIMMEN FESTIVAL in Germany and starred on stage with Hugh Masekela, Angelique Kidjo, Dorothy Masuka, Hotsticks Mabuse and Sibongile Khumalo.
Nomfusi was chosen to portray the character of Miriam Makeba in the long-awaited film about the life of Nelson Mandela "Long Walk To Freedom."
The SAMA nominated singer, who started off her musical career in Capetown in 2009 with her former band the Lucky Charms is now based in Johannesburg, was counted among the top ten rising stars on ETV Showbiz Report in South Africa. She has been featured in more than fifty publications, including Drum (who gave her 5 stars for her debut album), Rolling Stones Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Destiny, and she has appeared on the cover of High Flyers, Mango Juice and The Sowetan newspaper.
Nomfusi's life story has been captured widely in the media. Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, who discovered Bob Marley, Angelique Kidjo and U2 said of Nomfusi after viewing a touching SABC documentary of her life and music:

//////////////////////////////About the latest album release (2021):
Driven by the deep desire to tell her personal township story of growing up in her mother’s tiny shack in KwaZakhele, the album takes listeners on a walk through her childhood memories — everyday stories of township life influenced by her mother’s spirituality as a “Sangoma” (a traditional healer), and the harsh reality of single-motherhood in the Eastern Cape province.

Social injustices and gender-based violence against women are important issues for Nomfusi, and she explores them in stark detail on songs like “Nomanhamle.” Through her musical activism, Nomfusi aims to raise global awareness for better protection of vulnerable populations.
Musically, the album speaks through melodic Maskandi guitars combined with big brass arrangements and groovy South African township rhythms. The colorful array of genres on the album include soulful ballads with a hint of gospel, and several jazzy, danceable Afropop songs.
The album’s title alludes to the patio-like steps in front of Nomfusi’s mother’s shack; a place where one could sit down in the warm sun, have casual talks with friends and neighbours, and observe the vibrant life of the township. The “red stoep” stands for a “welcoming entrance.”
With “The Red Stoep," Nomfusi invites everyone to experience the stories of her African heritage through the music.