song released in newspaper THE GUARDIAN about new music from Brazil
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Brazilian, Fusion
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:DELTAS / Groovin Prod

Line up



This is the name of a new musical project that comes
growing in the Pernambuco / Recife / Brazil scene.

With an electronic profile added the organic parts, the project has as participant musicians already known local with ample experience in the city , other states and countries. They are : Dirceu melo(guitar,vocals and kaoss pad), Sabrina Sabino(vocals), Sanzyo Dub(drums) and Kennedy(bass).

in the nineties , Dirceu Melo was the former, singer and guitar player of the band Jorge Cabeleira e o dia em que seremos todos inuteis, has a big hit in all Brazilian radios: one version for CAROLINA (Luis Gonzaga) that brings to band a lot of success and shows in all states of the country and did help to get stronger the MOVIMENTO MANGUEBEAT. With the end of group, he went to change his artistic approach. The first album of Eta Carinae Mirando a estrela is the result of this change.

The Eta Carinae bets in a perfect marriage between the electronic beats and the organic element, including there regional rhythms like the baiao , forro, taken of samba ,rock and reggae. Following the fundaments of the Manguebeat, the objective is to make universal music with a touch of roots, what it brings up to date and it values for all a new generation our traditional rhythms, northeasterns and Brazilians.

For sounding universal, the group looked a name that it the same meant in Brazil as in any another place of the world: Eta Carinae, that is the name of the star of bigger brightness in our galaxy.

The band is on the road with the first CD Mirando a Estrela , in Brasil is considered one of most important cd released in 2006 and preparing the next release for 2009

The band will be in Europe for your second tour in 2008.

in 2007 we made 17 concerts in Finland , Spain , Portugal and England ...and for this year we already got some invites and are working to be in europe october to november 2008.

we played in big festivals like Pori jazz(Finland) and Sudoeste(Portugal) and had good exposicion in UK where one of ours songs "loa do mar" was released in a cd about the new brazilian music in one of editions of The Guardian(one of most popular newspaper in England)

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