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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Northeast Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian, Contemporary
  • label:GROOVIN
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:DELTAS / Groovin Prod


Brazilian roots…World Grooves…Electronic beats…

This fusion results the style of Eta Carinae, a group from Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil.

This year, we are releasing our new album , you can download it from here: (incluir link pra download)

The members are: Dirceu Melo (guitar, vocals and kaoss pad), Catarina Rosa(vocals and percussion),Sanzyo Dub (drums and Samplers)And Rapha Groove (bass).In the nineties, Dirceu Melo was the singer and guitar player of the band JorgeCabeleira E o dia em que seremos todos inúteis, Who had a big hit on Brazilian scene. CAROLINA (Luís Gonzaga) covered this song, which led to many shows all over the country and helped the MOVIMENTO MANGUEBEAT(Chico science e nacao zumbi , Silverio pessoa, Mundo livre and others) to become important within the Brazilian music such as bossa nova and tropicalia.
When the group broke up, Dirceu started Eta Carinae. They have now released a new CD, their second album: “Novos sons e tradicoes mudernizadas”
Eta Carinae is a musical marriage between electronic beats and organic elements, bringing together such divergent influences as “regional rhythms” like baião, forró and samba with rock and reggae. As with Manguebeat, the objective is to make universal music with a touch of roots. A new music for all lovers of good music !

During the last years ETA CARINAE was touring through festivals, clubs and parties around Europe. Showing to the European citizens the fusion of Traditional Brazilian music from northeastern with modern and global references. Norway, Finland, Sweden, England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal are countries where the band has been.

Pori Jazz (FI), Sfinks (BE), Urkult (SW), Pirineos sur (SP), Sudoeste (PT) , Amsterdam roots (NE), Blaze festival(UK) are some of the major concerts where the band has played.

During 2010 the group stopped with the tours to produce a new album, called “Novos sons e tradicões mudernizadas” (translating: New sounds and the updated traditions).


1th of june – Madrid(Sala caracol) – Spain

3th of june- Berlim(yaam)-Germany

4 th of june – Helsink(Gloria) – Finland

10 ,11 th of june – Oslo(Invik) – Norway

16th of june – Vigo – Espanha(IGuana) - Spain

18th of june – Porto(Maus hábitos) – Portugal

19th of june –Londres(Blaze festival-XOYO) – England

23th of june – Amsterdam roots festival(Sugarfactory) – Holland

24th of june– Antuérpia-Zuiderpershuis/Belgium

25th of june– Paris(Cabaret sauvage) – France

3th of august ,4 e 6 de agosto – Urkult festival - Sweden