Dentro Da Caixa, Produções

Managing: João Guimarães, Sopa de Pedra, Iago Fernández, Hitchpop, Eixo do Jazz Ensemble. Rep in PT: Abe Rábade and Diego Alonso 5tet

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Dentro da Caixa (Inside a Box)- Produções was born in 2016 from the need for two friends and colleagues to organize the work they had been doing together for over 10 years. Cristina Marvão, designer, creative and producer of various types of events, has been relying on Amadeu Portilha's ability to organize and manage her projects since 2009. They now offer the services and experience acquired through their careers and work together.
It offers management support and mentoring to young entrepreneurs, artists and musicians.
We organize ideias.
Since 2019, working with music has been its biggest focus.

Dentro da Caixa manages individual musicians and groups.
Produces concerts in Portugal and in the countries that call the musicians on its rooster.
It supports the editing of albums, with production, design and partnerships.



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  • WOMEX 2022


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