Bollywood Masala Orchestra - India will be Touring in USA 2015

Bollywood Masala Orchestra - India
Bollywood Masala Orchestra

Bollywood Masala Orchestra will be Touring in Sept to Nov 2015 in USA and Canada.

Bollywood Masala orchestra the spirit of India is a new
vision, and a new step in Indian live music and dance,
presented first time to the world. Bollywood Masala Orchestra
invites you on a musical journey from Rajasthan to Mumbai.
With 16 professional artists on stage this colourful spectacle will
captivate you and carry you away in a whirlwind of sights and
Bollywood Masala Orchestra is a dream of Rahis Bharti, who
invites you into the world of music, dance, dynamic rhythm and
spirituality that is incredible India. From an early age he was
fascinated and captivated by the rich tradition and modern
sound of his country. With 12 years of musical
experience Rahis Bharti has travelled all over the world,
performing at prestigious festivals, concert halls and many other
venues with different Indian projects. You will be able to
experience the soul of the contemporary ‘Indian feast’ using
instruments such as bass drums, side drums, trombone, tabla,
dholak, harmonium, clarinet, Vocals , Dancers, Acrobat , Fire
eater and many others you won’t be able to stop your feet from
tapping to the rhythm. Bollywood Masala Orchestra gives you
an authentic taste of India . A fest for all senses.
Bollywood Masala Orchestra is a unique show, combining for
the first time a frenzied brass band and acoustic musicians,
singers, female dancers, a fakir and acrobats from Jaipur,
Jodhpur, Sikar, Dhoad , renwal , Khandela, Malikpur,
Kunkanwali , Basada and Mumbai in a European tour. This
amazing musical extravaganza combines traditional and
contemporary music and with its mesmerizing rhythms and
colourful costumes this is truly a show to stimulate all your
Rahis Bharti :- 0033672681770

article posted by:Rahis Bharti, DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan