yiddish hit with very cool new arrangement
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DI GRINE KUZINE eastern roots – western beats

The band from Berlin comes this year with their 8th release:
LIEBE ÜBRIG - Love is left
They stay with their unique sound, marrying the melodies and harmonies of Central and Eastern Europe with the rhythmic fervour of the metropolis.
Surging beats, razor-sharp brass and the "stunning vocals of Alexandra Dimitroff" (Rolling Stone Magazine) are infused with an exuberant inner spark. Inspiration and devotion elatione, anguish and yearning are all melted together. This irresistible furore brings European clubs and festivals to the boil, for already more then 20 years.
The band launched its professional carrier with a regular 5 musicians line up in 1998. Since then they released 7 albums and played reams of shows all over Europe. They were prize-winners in Berlin, at the biggest Folkfestival in Europe in Rudolstadt and often the audience favorites-
from Ireland to Bosnia, from the Azores and Costa Rica, New Orleans, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic and many other countries.
Their releases drew huge acclaim from Rolling Stone Magazine right through to Jazzthetik.

article posted by:Alexandra Dimitroff, Di Grine Kuzine