"Black Ants Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound" - Kasai Allstars

Kasai Allstars
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Musungu Elongo is the 2nd video off the album. It was shot in Kinshasa, and directed by Kasai Allstars guitarist Mopero Mupemba.
  • Kasai Allstars "Musungu Elongo"
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  • artist:Kasai Allstars
  • region:Central Africa
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Tradimodern
  • country:Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc), LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Crammed Discs
  • label:Crammed Discs
  • publisher:Les Éditions de la Bascule/Strictly Songs
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The Kinshasa-based collective was born from the reunion of five bands originating from five different ethnic groups, whose respective musical traditions and languages were previously thought to be incompatible. Derived from ritual and trance music, driven by electric guitars, traditional drums and distorted thumb pianos, their music created a sensation among Western avant-rock & electronic music audiences ever since the mid-'00s. They've collaborated with Deerhoof, Juana Molina and Konono No.1, had their tracks remixed by Animal Collective, Shackleton etc. and were part of the Congotronics x Rockers supergroup. In their new album, they inaugurate a personal approach to electronic music by including intricate drum programming, specifically adapted to their peculiar rhythmic patterns. Their albums include "In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish...” (2008), Beware The Fetish” (2013), “Around Félicité” (2017) and “Black Ants Always Fly Together…” (2021)