Dj Polyesta

DJ. Party,dance,chill, lounge, radio
World Grooves and Global Beats.

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DJ Polyesta: World Music,Global Beats & Ethno House

“The world is my playground and music is the language.”

DJ Polyesta creates a party with Global Beats and World grooves.
She mixes music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders.
Polyesta blends acoustic, electronic, traditional and modern music into a very danceable mix.

Cumbia, Desi Beats, Latin percussion, Afrotronic, Balkan Beat, Tribal, Mestizo, Flamenco, Bellydance, Oriental House, Afro Disco, Electronic Tango, Reggae, Afrobeat, Klezmer, Electro Swing and other styles get thrown together into a feel good mix of world music.

Fusing different styles from around the globe, Esta presents an explosion of uplifting world beats: Connecting cultures and people in dance. You don’t have to leave the dance floor to travel around the world.

Lately Polyesta's been playing with musicians. Adding just that little extra to the music, singers, guitarists, saxophone players performed alongside this DJ and the results were awesome.

During her DJ sets Polyesta adds acoustic music or vocal samples from a music library which she collected in the past years.

This Amsterdam based DJ has played at different festivals and in several clubs in Holland. ( e.g. Lowlands Festival, Amsterdam Roots Festival, Gay Pride, Amsterdam Dance Event,Mysteryland, Women Inc. and Landjuweel Festival. The well-known Amsterdam clubs Paradiso and Melkweg and Rasa in Utrecht) She is a regular DJ for Little Buddha (Buddha Bar) Amsterdam, and Nomads (Supperclub).

Polyesta has been playing beyond Amsterdam and the Netherlands. She enchanted the audience at Utopia Festival in Portugal, played in Paris(La Bellevilloise and more) and played at clubs and parties in India and Morocco. She played at the cutting edge world music festival : Sfinks and other festivals in Belgium.

DJ PolyEsta hosts a radio show at the Dutch network Concertzender: Solta A Franga. This show is mostly dedicated to party music from all corners of the globe.

Mixing different styles or focusing on one region or theme PolyEsta will delight the audience with a world dance party.

Call or write for demo and information:
Esta Goossens

+31 6 166 288 39



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