!Colombian-Cuban Neo Latin visiting WOMEX2011: Funk jazz, Hip Rock & Salsa

Neo Latin from the Latino community of Berlin

The Colombian/Cuban NeoLatin project from Berlin DLC SÜDSOUND ist going to be visiting WOMEX 2011 looking for partners (Bookers and Promoters)

“Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Rock with Salsa&Latin from the Latino community of Berlin”

“... a mega band from Berlin... people should know and listen to..." Generation Bass (International music blog)

“…varied, exciting, experimental and modern. Every Song is full of surprises…” SalsaMAG (Musicmagazin)

“Kulturelle Globalisierung.” Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Daily press)

DLC SÜDSOUND (Después Le Cuento – SÜDSOUND) is a Berlin based band, born in 2009 in the midst of Neukölln, one of the city’s main migrant neighbourhoods. The 8 musicians are from Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. The band have now rapidly become one of the most daring and captivating Latino musical projects in Berlin and Germany.

Contact: Simón Cabezas
VirtualWomex profile: Dlc Südsound
Email: simoncabezas@gmail.com


article posted by:Simon Cabezas, Dlc Südsound