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Astralon are a Greek electro band formed back in 2000 by Yiannis Folias (synths, programming ,vocals) Vassilis Mourikis (live synths) and Nikos Pallis (synths, programming).In 2004,the band participated in Universal’s "Greek Electro vol. 1" compilation and in DNA lab's "Dark project" . Astralon have perfomed as a support act for notable bands such as VNV Nation, DAF, Bermuda Triangle, S.I.T.D., Kirlian Camera, Combichrist, Melotron and Soman.

At the beginning of 2005 they released their first CD supported by Rock FM radio station, a mini-lp containing 5 dark “precious” tunes, including "La Carte", a big club hit , performed by Dimitra Zaretou in French.

Yiannis and Vassilis are also members of a new project called "EgoStrike".

Track list

1. Precious
2. Perfect Sin
3. Inside You
4. Fatal fall
5. La Carte