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Expert medicine - Swimming lessons
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Expert Medicine were originally formed back in 1997 and they have performed live at several music venues and open air festivals in Greece and abroad. Today, the band performs as a quartet; steady beats, heavy basslines , vocal loops, distorted samples and a general electro - dance attitude accompanies the new formation.

Their first studio album "Swimming Lessons" was released in 2006 (DNA Lab_el) , followed by a sold-out live show, and a tour in Central and Northern Greece. The sound of the album is a blend of acid rock, funk, trip hop elements and the use of electric and acoustic instruments combined with samplers has its own especial effect to the result.

Track List

1. Time Starts Now
2. Joy
3. Swimming Lessons
4. Chase
5. Liquid Walls
6. Sugar Sweet
7. Breakdown
8. Flesh
9. Time Stretch And Copy
10. Moments Like These
11. Touch The Sky

Alexis Zabaras: guitar
Andreas Siourounis: drums and vocals
Babis Kourtaras: bass and vocals
Thomas Pitikakis “dj Everlast”: decks and samplers
Akis Paschalakis: sound engineer