Jennie Kapadai

Jennie Kapadai
Jennie kapadai
Jennie kapadai
Jennie kapadai


Expert medicine featuring Jennie Kapadai
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  • country:Greece
  • region:Athens
  • style(s):Rock, Soul
  • label:DNA Label
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:DNA Label

Line up

  • Jennie Kapadai (Singer)


Jennie Kapadai aka Jedi Scar Tissue
Studied classical piano, sociology and
musicology, but then she met the blues and took them with her everywhere, in her music, her lyrics, her photography.
She's been singing ever since, with the Blues Trick, the Occasional Dream, the Earthbound, the Blues Wire, Quasamodo, Timewarp, Simon Bloom, the Rosewood Brothers, Midnight Train, waterpipes, Groovebusters, Papercut, the Meweathers and others, and she's happy to have played with some of Athens' most talented musicians in various projects.
She wrote the lyrics, co-wrote music and sang on Swimming Lessons, the first Expert Medicine release in 06, and has collaborated with the DNA lab_el all through the years, singing for commercials as well as soundtracks and other projects...and the best is yet to come..


"You are my sunshine" - Jennie Kapadai