"Brazzaville in Istanbul" - Brazzaville


World-famous band Brazzaville which gives concerts all around the world now comes up with an international album and concert project which they re-arranged their songs with Turkish musicians, in İstanbul, the city they love and be loved.
The producer of the album and project is Deniz Cuylan who carries on his music work in İstanbul, Stockholm and New York and known as the member of bands Portecho and Norrda.
Within this album which its recording and production branched out from İstanbul to Barcelona and New York; well known guitarists as Smokey Hormel who played with musicians such as Johnny Cash, Tom Waits; and Kenny Lyon meet new generation Turkish musicians and bands as Kim ki O, Norrda, 123, Kırıka, Sarp keskiner, Alev lenz.
Finally, comes up with an unconditioned and organic music associated with İstanbul, which tells the stories of David Brown, the composer and author of the group, in an acoustic and cozy language.
With this project, it is expected that position of the band will be strengthen in Turkey where they have already impressed people and are called many times. Moreover enchantment of Brazzaville and Istanbul intersection will attract great attention among international indie and world music stage.