Kolektif Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul is inspired by the depth of musical variety found in Eastern Europe and the way it is exhibited in traditional Turkish repertoires. Possessing a fascination for the subjective effect on musical understanding through ethnic and traditional music is the project's primary missionto acknowledge cultural exchanges and meetings where the "traditional repertoire" represents the bulk of the marriages and rituals of Anatolian and Balkan cultures..

Following the release of their very first album, "Balkanatolia", in 2006, the band went through a musical evolution which led them to record a sophomore album, "Falan Filan", released in June of 2008. Possessing a funky sound with a robust, jazzy touch, Kolektif Istanbul doubled their tempo as well as their energy

Despite the fact that the sound may be groovier, Kolektif Istanbul stay close to the original characters of the melodies and the theme of crossing borders and boundaries in search of a harmony or a beat. While great freedom is taken with the orchestrations and arrangements, the album was made with respect and a consciousness of the roots and significance of the pieces.

Kolektif Istanbul grew out of meetings of musicians from villages playing at fetes and marriage ceremonies in the "homeland" and musicians with improvisation backgrounds from different modern styles. Coming together in Istanbul, this collective draw on their individual backgrounds, shared experiences and the colors of Istanbul to make music together.

The "Kaval" (oblique flute), "gayda" (Bulgarian bagpipes), clarinet, saxophone, accordion, tuba, percussions and drums featured on this album, make this a unit with a rich and sophisticated capability of doing justice to Balkan fanfare dynamism and Anatolian "blues" depth. The Ensemble gains in intensity and emotion with the natural and sensitive vocals of Asli Dogan.