"Nar" - Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede
  • artist:Mercan Dede
  • featured artist:Scott Russel rhythm programming, percussion, rhythm strings, bass and keys
  • release year:2002
  • style(s):Electronic, Fusion
  • country:Turkey
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc), MC (Music Cassette),
  • record posted by:Doublemoon Records
  • label:Doublemoon Records
  • publisher:Pozitif Edisyon


Mercan Dede's new album “Nar” was distilled from the music that naturally came to life during the concerts he gave with the Secret Tribe project in Turkey and Europe. The songs on the album are crystals of ideas that have matured and reshaped since Mercan Dede's debut album. In other words it is an album where Turkish, Persian and Indian influences are sewn delicately into layers of rhythms and recordings from nature in context of sufi-electronica. It must be reminded that we are privileged to listen to Nar's intimate story from musicians that are virtuosos with their own instruments.