Taksim Trio


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Line up

  • Aytac Dogan (Kanun)
  • Hüsnü Senlendirici (Clarinet)
  • Ismail Tuncbilek (Baglama)


Bonded to their instruments, committed to their friendship, Taksim Trio is a sublime example of what happens when three like-minded souls mix, mingle and merge into one. Featuring three of Turkey's most admired master instrumentalists, Taksim Trio is made up of Husnu Senlendirici on the clarinet, Ismail Tuncbilek on the baglama and Aytac Dogan on the quanun. Dancing between different musical styles such as traditional, arabesque, jazz and avant-garde the musicians emerge with their very own sound. Some of the works on the album include phrases of music that will sound familiar and yet different, as the musicians update melodies they have picked up on their journeys to reflect their own musical identities. Perhaps the reason why Taksim Trio is the perfect vehicle for these virtuosos to display their character is because the musicians have an innate understanding of their instruments, which comes to light through their inventive improvisations, or "taksims". This honest and compelling album conveys the undeniable fact that for these musicians music is sacred. Taksim Trio is a super-ambient album meant to seep into the listener's mind and unravel over time.


"Taksim Trio" - Taksim Trio