"Doublemoon Women" - Various


Doublemoon pays tribute to the most memorable songs by the women in its orbit on this very special compilation, celebrating the label’s 10th anniversary.

“Doublemoon Women” is a musical story of female experiences. Featuring stories of those who migrate, seek, find, question and recount… Living independent of years and addresses, these women are both young and mature, near and far. Hailing from Germany, America, Canada, Anatolia, Iran and India… mingling the past, the contemporary and the future.

The women on “Doublemoon Women” are storytellers. Not just with their voices and music but also through their own stories. Some stories are riotous, others are questioning, all of the stories are communicated using the power of sounds and lyrics. Despite their differences in age, identity, voice, attitude and emotion, all of these women are profound believers in the facts that they are distinguished believers in the power of musical expression as well as they are all ladies create a common ground.