Downtown Music Holdings

Downtown Music Holdings (Downtown) is a modern global music company.

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We help millions of creators, rights holders and their partners to manage their music as a business and get paid fairly for their work. We’re working to build a more equitable global music industry because we believe when creators and their partners are fairly compensated, they are empowered to keep creating and investing back into the world.

We service over 20 million music assets from hundreds of countries across six continents, including some of the most well-known songs in popular music. Working with creators at every stage of their career, from emerging songwriters to iconic performers, our business model drives equity across the entire global music industry supply chain.

Downtown emerged in 2007, a time when the music industry was still transitioning to streaming. Originally founded as a music publishing company, our founder Justin Kalifowitz saw an opportunity for metamorphosis. By reimagining the business of music as an ecosystem that uses modern technology to support a thriving creative class, Downtown could help millions of global creators share in the wealth of music and get paid fairly for their work.

Today, we represent over 20 million songs across more than 145 countries on six continents. We work with millions of creators and rights holders at every stage in their career--from amateurs and enthusiasts to professionals and icons--and with the partners who help license, distribute and monetize music across traditional and digital channels. We manage the estates of some of the most recognizable works and beloved songwriters in the history of popular music and creators at the forefront of pop culture.

Our portfolio of world-class music brands is built to align with our vision for a more equitable and innovative global music ecosystem. Designed for the modern age, we are unencumbered by the legacy structures and outdated business practices that stifle creative musical evolution and growth. We advocate for creators and everyone in the business of music.



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